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January 17th, 2019

ABC Future Leaders had another successful year in 2018 and we look forward to keeping the momentum going in 2019! We have some great events throughout 2019 that will be announced very soon. (We will also be bring back some oldies but goodies!) We hope to get more ABC MA members involved this year and keep growing our amazing group of Future Leaders! 

April 10th, 2018

ABC MA’s Future Leaders group provides an opportunity for the rising stars of our industry to learn, develop, and network among their peers. To that end, I am humbled that the Future Leaders have selected me to sit as their chairperson for the second year in a row. Over the last three years, this group has gained momentum, moving forward with educational seminars and gatherings for personal and professional growth that improve our standing in the construction industry.  
Beginning this year, ABC MA designated the Future Leaders with an ex officio seat on the Board of Directors, to which I was appointed, so we could provide the Board with insight and influence from our perspective. This achievement alone is an example of what we stand for, growth through active participation.

While we continue to collaborate with and be supported by industry leaders within the ABC member network, it is important that managers and leaders of our companies stress the importance of professional growth through education, networking and relationship building. There is a common misconception that networking events are solely attended by pushy sales people. While this can be true for some, most events are attended by those who value and understand the importance of relationship building and are very welcoming.  
Therefore, we are taking the initiative to educate the “young” minds of the ABC network and are enhancing the educational component of our networking events. Companies that have a culture of education and professional development often see higher retention rates. We hope that by discussing topics like leadership, networking techniques, and industry trends etc., we can attract employees of ABC member companies who may be reluctant to attend a networking event during their “off” time.
We are pleased to announce that our first event of the year, Action Matters, will be held Thursday, April 12th at Jake and Joes in Norwood, MA. Brandon Labelle of Northwest Mutual will discuss his leadership philosophy and how his methods can help you define your leadership style.

Through the tremendous efforts the Future Leader’s board and members, I feel strongly that we have the right group of people in place to accomplish our mission. The men and women who are engaged and active in the Future Leaders are truly an inspiration and care about the “youth” of ABC member companies. Don’t miss out on the great things to come in 2018.

March 6th, 2017

We are just two months into the year 2017 and the ABC Future Leaders group is already in full swing. Thank you to everyone who came out to our kick off event of the year - “Technology in Construction: The Future is Now.”  The turnout was one of our best.

I have been given the opportunity to serve as the chairperson of the Future Leaders. I have been a part of the Future Leaders for two years, and in those two years I have seen the committee grow and develop from a thought to an action.  Over the next year, we plan to continue our progress and grow the Future Leaders network.

In 2012, I graduated from Suffolk University with a degree in Biochemistry where I went straight into the field as an Analytical Chemist. Soon after, I realized it was not the career path I wanted to follow. I was welcomed into the construction industry in 2014 as a recruiter for Resource Options, Inc. Over the last three years I was encouraged by many of the leaders in my company to attend networking events and start to get involved. That’s what I did. I was determined to step outside of my comfort zone and educate myself about the industry. By doing so I built confidence and felt valued by my employer. In just three years with the company I sit on two networking committees and opened a satellite office for the company.

Leadership is a trait that can be developed and a trait that should be encouraged by companies. Promoting leadership and opportunities will not only help grow your firm, but retain your existing employees. The current economy, specifically within the construction industry, is strong. In a strong economy, employees are often searching for the next best thing in terms of growth and leadership. We can easily retain our ABC member companies’ next generation of leaders through encouragement and training.

The ABC MA Future Leaders is comprised of men and women who understand the importance of educating and driving ABC member companies “youth.”  Through our networking events and guest speakers we will engage the newest generation in the industry and assist in starting the process to gain leadership skills and prepare them to take the role of an industry leader.

We will strive to gain the support and collaboration of industry leaders within the ABC member network. ABC member leaders know better than anyone the importance of molding the future of their company. We need to start educating that generation early to build successful firms.

We have several networking events planned for the remainder of the year, and encourage current leaders to attend alongside their company’s future leaders and encourage more of their employees to attend. Feedback and suggestions are what will make our committee better. We strive to educate and develop the “young “minds of ABC member companies.

I am grateful to sit as the chairperson of such an inspirational group. I look forward to working with the next generation of ABC member leaders.

-Tiffani Tartaglia, 2017 ABC MA Future Leaders Chair 
About ABC MA Future Leaders
ABC MA Future Leaders' mission is to engage personnel at all levels of member companies who will gain professionally through active participation which will lead to stronger, better run member companies and a more vibrant ABC organization. 

The Future Leaders group offers the following:

  • Educational & Networking events to develop your professional networks
  • Build relationships among peers with similar goals and interests
  • Increase knowledge and skill in current job function
  • Stay up to date on the latest Industry trends
  • Expand your knowledge on all aspects of the construction industry
  • Develop leadership skills and techniques
  • Help strengthen ABC MA for the Future

For more information contact Ken Ledwak at or (781) 273-0123

February 2nd, 2017

The Future Leaders are excited to start off the new year with some big news!

Please welcome our new chairwomen Tiffani Tartaglia from Resource Options, Inc.

Tiffani has been a major reason The ABC MA Future Leaders group has become so popular among ABC member companies and has grown so much over the last year.

Thank you to Gino Spinelli from Davids & Cohen, P.C.  for helping ABC and myself revive the Young Leaders Council back in 2013. We are now a bigger deal with a new name, a mission and a large following that I see being a major reason for companies to join ABC. We also have one of our original committee members Doug Thompson from Brennan Interior Contractors, Inc. on the ABC MA board of directors! I see big things for our group in the future and I thank you all for being a part of it.

In other news our committe grew by one this year as we added David Broomhead from TradehoundsDavid launched his staffing site earlier this year and he has already put his mark on the Future Leaders. 


Here's to another big year and I hope to see you at one of our great events in 2017!



August 24th, 2016

Do you see a trend with our upcoming events?

The Future Leaders love to look at beautiful views while educating themselves and networking! Check out our upcoming events! If you would like to get involved with the Future Leaders and ABC reach out to Ken!